Frequently Asked Questions

What does 3M Certified mean?

An installer must complete a 5 day intensive hands-on training program at a 3M training facility, learning 3M application techniques on dealing with difficult vehicle contours on various autos.

Isn't this product just for new cars?

No. Maybe it is new to you or just in “mint” condition and you wish to keep it that way.

What if I already have chips in my paintwork?

A few existing chips can be touched up and then the film applied. If there are too many, the affected area will need to be properly repainted first.

Is this just for sports cars or exotics?

No. Look at the frontal impact area of your vehicle. How much painted area is exposed? Sports cars, sedans, mini vans, motorcycles, motor homes, are all susceptible to chips.

Can it be removed?


Is it invisible?

It is 2-5% visible, depending on the angle from which you view it and the color of the vehicle.

How do I care for it?

You wash it and wax it the same as your paint. Do not use products that contain ammonia such as Windex.

What about my paint fading?

The paint protection film allows UV light to pass through, so your paint fades equally.

Is it covered if vehicle is involved in an accident?

Yes, it is covered under your vehicle insurance.

How much does it cost?

Price is determined by difficulty and amount of film material needed.

Where can I have it installed?

We are mobile. We come to you.